Friday, November 18, 2011

For The Sake of Your Curiosity

I've received several amusing questions on my formspring regarding about my parents. Questions such as, what jobs do my parents have and what did my parents take up for college? Such random questions right? Well someone even googled "Inna santiago parents" and apparently it led to my blog. Thank you traffic source.

When I answered the job question, the person sent another message and said "Thats why you studied in an inernational school. Soo rich! Hahaha :D"

Hmm... Okay, if you are that curious let me tell you something.

I may be a "princess" in Subic - living inside the base, studied in an IS school, used to take those expensive taxis, get picked up by friends and etc. However, most of the time I get picked up by my friends with their cars. I do have a car, but then that car is from my dad and it was his car. Since he's not here in Manila, he gave it to me. But I don't drive it. I only drove it like twice. 

Second, the taxis in Subic are expensive. So I used to ride the so called "bus" which is a L300 van and costs only 11 pesos I think. 

Going to school, my mother used to drive me there but eventually ended up taking the school bus. Haha! The school buses are cool though.

Now since I live in Manila and a college student, I have to be more reasonable. It doesn't mean I have the princess-y life in Subic I have to have one here. Yes, I commute to school. I ride the trycicle and the jeepney. I only ride taxis when I have so much  things with me, rainy days or when I'm just feeling too damn lazy. Often I walk when I go home. 20 minutes walk. Two advantages: exercise and I get to save up money. 

(Yes dear, I commute in heels and I love it!)

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Note: Some schoolmates were even surprised that I commute, and eventually started liking me LOL

We have to be more reasonable because life is tough and money don't grow on trees. Though this line doesn't really apply when I go shopping. Cough.

I'm a Filipino living in the Philippines. Jeepneys and tricycles are two of the cheapest way for transportation. We have to deal with it and live with it. We are lucky enough to have cheap transportation. We don't have a driver because we don't need one.

If my boyfriend was here, I'd make him one. LOL.

When I go out at night, I do take taxis and/or get picked up by my friends. Don't really like sweating when I have make-up on. Masisira lang ang pinaghirapan!

 Anyway, I hope this post answered your curiosity about my wealth. LOL