Monday, November 7, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week S/S 12 : Penshoppe

One of the most awaited shows during Philippine Fashion Week was Penshoppe's show. We all know the main reason behind it: Mario Maurer walking down the runway! with Vj Utt as well. Of course, as a fashion enthusiast I was also looking forward for Penshoppe's summer collection and was excited about it.

The show started off with their Holiday collection which Ed Westwick modeled through billboards which you can see all over Manila as well in Penshoppe stores. In their Holiday 2011 collection it consists of outdoor comfort pieces with a touch of rock star glamour.

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For the second segment which showcased their Summer 2012 collection, Penshoppe was inspired use the color blocking trend which was very popular overseas during the summer. Penshoppe Brand Director, Alex Mendoza, shares that in their upcoming collection they were inspired by the bold use of color seen all around the world. He has also said, "We toned it down for Filipinos to make it accessible for everyone."

The Penshoppe team this year put together a myriad of looks that truly showcased the collection's vibrant design inspirations. Adding a touch of luxury and more pops of color to the runway, specially designed chunk metal accessories and sky high heels in jewel tones were created to complement the show's different looks. "There was also the aspect of creating looks that were sellable and not just editorial" - Mendoza

Vj Utt

Most awaited part of the show -

Mario Maurer with Alex Mendoza

Ilusyonada time: Mario really likes looking at me. CHOS. 

And that gorgeous model from New York

I am very happy with the whole show. The collections are great, definitely will be a big hit during summer with its colors. Plus, the styling is really really nice. And styling is an important factor (for me) during fashion shows.

I am sure going to buy tons from Penshoppe soon.