Thursday, November 10, 2011

Versace x H&M Countdown

"My house, my rules, my pleasure" - Donatella Versace

7 more days to go before Versace's collab collection with H&M hit the stores and I am SO excited and a part of me is freaking out because I still don't know what to get! Well I did already have a dress in mind which is the  leather Pelle Borchie dress but then I find the black and purple babydoll dresses cute as well! However, I thought if I get the babydoll dresses it does not really scream much Versace and anyone can kind of make their own version of it. Hmm... guess I'm just going to consult people cause I want one of those little cute dresses! But the purple one really caught my eye because of the cut in front. Now I am seriously confused and again, freaking out.

But anyway, check out this fab video

& the runway show from last Tuesday that was held in New York.