Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pho With A Bullet

So yesterday afternoon I went out to Greenbelt to meet up with my old school Bryan Jim. He just moved here in Manila from Subic this year. We've actually talked about before how we should hang out in Manille since we're both here already and it would be awesome if we actually get to hang out in Manille for the first time! A couple months passed and we still haven't met up and we would actually see each other in Subic pa! So one moment yesterday I just had the urge to call him up and hang out with me. It tis bout time anyway.

We really had a good time talking and catching up with our Manille life. We went to Starbucks first then had my usual iced chai tea latte while he had some new stuff that I really don't remember what its called . Then after that, he craved for Vietnamese food and so I thought, let's go to Banana Leaf! But when we got there I realized that it was mostly Thai and didn't have Pho. The guy is crazy about Pho.

Good thing I remembered there was Pho Hoa in Greenbelt 1 so we went... and had one of the best dinners of my life. I love Vietnamese food and I am so excited to go back there! Click continue reading >>>

Wasn't satisfied dinner so I ate my nails. Loljk

The food got us so full so we decided to walk around...

Oh wow I just remembered this CERTAIN conversation we had. Well Bryan Jim is very fluent in Spanish and still continuing to study while I TRY to learn my Dutch and still maintaining my knowledge for Mandarin Chinese. We started saying curse words in different languages. We tried Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian and so on... 

Me: Give me more countries and I'm going to try to think of a certain curse word from their language.
BJ: Oh yeah... I'm still living in the past.

Anyway, had so much fun with him and can't wait to hang out with him soon! Next week I suppose? So here is my look for ze day...

(I think I have the weirdest knees in the world. Ew look at that. Lol)

Top - My friend's own, Shorts - Forever 21, Bag - Thrifted, Earrings - bazaar, Heels - Forever 21, Ring - Forever 21

Before I end this post, I would like to remind to some of you who hasn't joined my contest - go join if you want to. Even though the shoes may not be your style, why not try to join and win it for a friend or a relative, right? So go check it out and join!

And YES. I am finally forced to have a COMMENT BOX for my giveaway. And I think I am going to keep it up and of course I'd be more happy if you guys DO comment, only if you want to though..... Anyway, I have to go to sleep soon, I have a pretty long busy day ahead of me and this little big spender is about to give up soon.... very soon... her eyes are slowly shutting down... and her hands... her hands... are... just... so... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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