Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Friday, Friday.

Wondering why am I up on an early gloomy Friday - one main reason: shopping. There is also another reason why people wake up early in the morning to shop: SALE. Guess it must be my lucky day that our teacher declared not to have classes today! Hooooooray.

I am actually happy with my new blog design, a bit sad that I am still a noob with all the pen tool shiz and adobe illustrator. I also have to look for my mouse since a trackpad is not drawing friendly. Little things do make life sometimes a bit tough, huh?

Midterms next week. Pa-tay. I still have so much blog posts from fashion week to do so I guess I will have to start doing it tonight after Lauren's party and tomorrow morning when I wake up.

Eeeeeeeeeeeek. I really want to go back to dreamland but in the name of shopping, I must not. See you later loves!!!