Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Kind of Therapy

Oh what a productive day! Spent my morning watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air season 2 while munching on kimchijeon and hagelslag, very pang-international ang brunch ko. I actually waited for my boyfriend to wake up since he slept so late cause he was out drinking with his buds and woke me up early in the morning (maybe 4 am or 5am?)  and told me all these things (clue: you tend to tell the truth when you are drunk) and the rest was vivid. I was kind of half-asleep while talking to him. I knew I was not making sense anymore.

I have a gazillion more midterm exams to take next week and a few projects to finish. On Wednesday, I will have my sewing test and what we have to do is to make a yoke skirt. Good thing we're allowed to use any fabric except jersey and knit. So I decided to go out today and buy materials.

I ended up....


Yup temptations are bad. Well I really need new underwear anyway, I think I haven't bought for a month already. And for the cute bikini, I just have to get it because it was so cute and was on sale! Nobody should not pass a sale, everyone should take advantage of the sale! Though I've seen like 2 people buy the same bikini and the red one was super big -  I just had to get this one cause it's just my size. 

But don't worry, MOM (who probably will see this) I did buy the things I need for school. And probably before you even see this, I have already shown you the receipts! Tehee. Payback time. 

The floral fabric is the one I'm going to use for my exams, the one next to it (yellow-ish) is muslin and the white one is fusible fabric

Very excited to the skirt! And hopefully pass the test. 

I'd also like to share what I bought during the Supersale bazaar in World Trade Center

My new favorite pair. Oh god, I love them with all my heart. They're so glamorous.  

Hoop earrings with very nice details

And a bathing suit from Glitterati 

Uhh, I really don't know how to wear this. I've been figuring it out and I really don't know how. The way I think it should be worn is not making sense. Doesn't the long gold strap should hug the body and not just hanging? Can someone help me? Do you have a similar bikini? If I don't figure out how to wear this I might as well sell it. 

And also bought a dress, sorry no picture... its in the laundry. Teehee. 

A few mins ago, this man right here was sleeping like a baby and was snoring like a pig.

So schattig (cute in Dutch) huh? He sleeps with de (the) panda I gave him! Awww ♥

Just now... Up and ready to play Call of Duty MW3 & Battlefield

Hahahahahahaha mijn jongen (my boy) looks high