Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kee - Moh - No

Okay so just got home 47 minutes ago and I just want to point that this was such an eventful day (November 26 since like its already 3:47am).  I just ate Mcdonalds (feeling guilty) so that's why I'm not sleeping yet - I have this weird theory that I should waste 3 hours of time before I sleep so I digest the food that I just ate. Jeroen think its stupid because I don't do anything... like "yeah you are awake but you're just in bed" Still. You know.

Anyway, my day started pretty good. I had a bad dream about this creepy looking man and almost stole my phone. Good thing, I woke up by actually making myself wake up. Yea I actually have that power to make myself wake up before something bad happens in my dreams. I love it. No nightmares. I could actually half control my dreams.

So I woke up early around 9:35 am. I always wake up that specific time. Again, weird.

I had brunch, watched Fresh Prince of Bel-Air then wasted my time again online. I got ready for an intern chat then went to SoFA to meet up with RAFAEL FALAFEL.

Poor baby was exhausted from his little trip cause he had midterms for styling class in Trinoma.

While waiting for some people... I evolved into a CAMWHORE. Click continue reading >>>

I seriously can never be a model. Never wanted nor wished for. Never ever. Oh thank god. Actually those photos were "inspired" from Coco Rocha's famous video. MORE OF A PARODY. And obviously, I FAILED. HAHAHAHAHA.

I love you Coco Rocha, you are ze best of ze best.

Sadly, the people we were waiting for never came. Disappointing, very disappointing.

Despite the "disappointment" we still managed to look faboosh.

After 6, Raf dropped me off at Starbucks while he took off. Earlier that afternoon, Gian IMed me asking me if we could hang, and obviously I was up for anything so I was very game.

We met up in Starbucks chilled for a while then took of to Tiendesitas! How random right? Anyway, I had to buy something from there so I really needed to go. I haven't also been there for 2 years I think. Lol. We had a fun time going around and just looking at the dogs, cats, bunnies and such. They also sell snakes, eeeyuck. nasty.

We sat somewhere for a while and he ordered food. I ordered water. Yes. Water. Diet mode is so on. Then as usual, we talked about college, past life, funny random shit and stuff. It was so good to bond with him one on one! 

After that, we went to The Fort and as usual went around. We went to Muji which by the way his "favorite" store. He was telling me that most of his stuff in his luxurious condominium consist of Muji items. You already my boy, you already!

We went down for a while at Gap and just looked around. Then chilled outside the Fort and then went off to Fiamma for an event. It was good seeing my SoFA schoolmates, of course Alyssa Lapid, who invited me to the event. Thank you girl! 

The disappointing part there was... the open bar! We had to have these stubs in order to get free drinks. Weird. So anyway, we were like 'ooooookay. so where do we get one?' Gian and I didn't figure it out so went outside Fiamma and chilled for a while. Time passed.... then we left. Lol. 

Next stop was Kyss, there was this party downstairs so it was really packed, but when we went upstairs it was only like 8 people in there and a really good Persian DJ. So as usual, G and I chilled again in our usual spots in Kyss. Then an hour later, more people came... mostly, Iranians. Very interesting. How supportive of them to support their dj friend!

Then as usual, we got bored. So we bounced to 7th high... then when we got there, boom - guest lists can't come in anymore. Some kind of cut-off shit, i don't know. Whatever. So G and I were like... 'Where the foook do we go?' 

I suggested to go to Bond, but then my friend Olga said there's not much people on Saturdays so we just went to Izakaya instead. People there were okay, music was okay as well. Ordered my usual lychee sake. So yummy, missed it so much. G and I were just sitting down there, chilling and bobbing our heads like total hipsters. 

Eventually, we got bored. So went to Mcdonalds and ate. We talked about how he wants to be part of the CIA and/or Interpol. Sorry G, your future cover is now revealed in my blog. 

After eating, we finally ended the night. 

Long story short: our day mostly consisted of listening to good music in the car as well as talking. Those were the best parts of our little adventure. Can't wait to have another one!

So here is what I wore today - obviously Rafael Falafel isn't really into "photography" HAHAHA. LOLJK LOVE YOU RAF! Or to put it this way, he's just not good with "outfit shots" which is a-okay love! Don't feel bad ;)

Top - Hand me down from my mom, Kimono cover-up - Forever 21, Levis Shorts - Thrifted, Necklace - Italy, Owl ring - PLF, Other ring - Italy, Shoes - Shop Like Amanda, Belt - Thrifted 

It is now 5:06am and my boyfriend is bugging me. I hate it when people bother me when I blog. Don't you also?

Good night dolls! or Good morning! x

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