Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tiny Rant

(photo source: Google)

Feeling a wee bit disappointed. I've been reading old blog posts of those famous bloggers and honestly, their old posts are far way interesting than the ones they post now. Not only they were interesting but it had more passion and life. Back then they didn't have all of these attention and fame, now that they have most of the things they have wished for and wanted... their passion with writing lessened. Probably they are just busy with their crazy fab lives and not really have the time to just sit down and write their own thoughts and talk about their daily lives.

Now what confuses me is that now that they have the lives they have always wanted the more they should talk about it and share it to their readers? Of course everyone would want to know how that kind of life works for the person.  That's why people read blogs. Remember, you started with a blog that is written like an autobiography now its a bunch of pictures and short descriptions.

However, I'm still a fan of their blogs and will always remember how they started and be inspired. Its just I really miss how they write things... blagh.

I think I should read more "autobiography"/ personal/diary blogs. I actually miss doing that, I think I should do it more often. Though a bit doubtful cause it might BORE the hell out of you because most people rather look at pictures and comment then asks to check out their blog. LOL been there, done that now over it.

Just keep it real guys, keep it real and fuck, be yourself.

p.s. Bet you, a handful of you didn't actually read this. 

Night dolls x