Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mission Achieved: Versace for H&M

GAAAAAH. I am currently filled with happiness!

As you all know, today is the first day when Versace for H&M will be selling their items and I am the lucky ones to have it on the first day. Though I didn't actually have it because it's still Netherlands because Jeroen was the one who got it for me. Of course I have to pay for it hahaha so in no time I will be a little bit broke. It is actually my first time to ask him a huge favor except when I asked him to buy hagelslags and some Dutch junk food for me. At first I was a little bit shy to ask him but then in my heart I just have to have it because we don't have H&M here.

I was also shy because can you imagine, I actually asked him to wake up early so he can go in line with the other people to be the first ones to raid the shop. Two nights ago, he actually scolded me because he thinks I spend too much! And he even asked me, "Do you even NEED it?" "YES I DO BECAUSE ITS A COLLABORATION OF VERSACE with H&M and "I WILL BE LUCKY ENOUGH TO OWN A VERSACE IN A CHEAPER PRICE AT A YOUNG AGE" I answered, with pride and dignity. He even suggested if he can just get it from online but of course I said, no. Haha! Hello? Purchasing it online will be slower and I was also scared that they might run out of stocks if he did push through his little stupid idea. Hehe!

Eventually last night, he already decided to wake up early and line up. YAY. And a few hours ago while Whatsapping, he was a bit scared I think to experience the craziness. I was also scaring him how girls can go crazy with these kinds of things. And he also scared me by telling me that he will not do it when it becomes really crazy! With matching SORRY pa.

While I was in Fashion Illustration class and he was telling me that he was waiting for his group's turn to get into the shop. Then 15-20 minutes have passed by he messages me, "All the women said that I'm so sweet to my girlfriend"

And he is! Hahaha I cannot imagine him going around the shop with women! Hahaha how cute is that!

"I got you a little extra surprise for Christmas"

!@#$%^&* Ow em. He really didn't have to. I'm dead serious, he didn't really have to do it. Since he's coming here next year (YES I AM SOOOO EXCITED) that would be actually his Christmas and birthday present at the same time! But then he said...

"Too late :p"

Uh oh. Haha Well, thank you Yonie. Thank you :)

Then as usual, we talked about what size he's going to get. Its either a small or a medium. I'm safe with medium. Just in case I get fat again, LOL.

However, they said US 8 = medium. Ackk... that's actually big on me. Hopefully, that items are made to be smaller than the usual sizes in Topshop , Forever 21 etc. I would actually not really know my size for H&M since we don't have it here and the ones he got me before was a 34 (euro size) but that was a blouse with buttons!

Good thing my friend Regina who is I think a regular in H&M whenever she gets out from the country told me that 38 is good enough. Whew.

"Just don't loose to much weight" he said.

HAHAHAHA. I love it. Though my goal weight is 100 pounds (currently 105.6). If ever I did reach my ideal weight, I can always alternate the dress.

So there, he already purchased with my "secret gift"

I hate surprises, so I am going to annoy him tonight and ask him to show it to me. The only thing he told me was, "its flowery"

So I answered, "Omg if its a small thing, I bet its a ring!"

"Not small, I was a bit looking for the expensive one but think it was gone already. But these are cuter" he replied.

FFFFFFFCKKKK. He was looking for the Pelle Borchie dress! AHHHH, if he did find it.... *swallows* OW EM LANG.

"... and so much gay guys, cause the girl stuff section has borders and they were like, "Omgg, the girls have such nice stuff. Haha, in a gayish omg"

Hahaha! Grappig jongen (funny boy). Now, currently contemplating what did I do to deserve a guy like him. I swear. I am one of the luckiest girls in the world.

Now I'd just have to sit back and wait for its arrival and as well for my YSL Trib Too shoes that I won! Haha, I actually wanted a new dress for my new shoes!

Anyway, I am still wondering what he got me... These are the possible items:

- image one

-image two (the top)

-image three

-image four

-image 5 (I know its not kind of flowery but sometimes Yonie exaggerates things)