Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Triumph International: 125 Years of Tailoring Female Shape

Triumph celebrates their anniversary this year and we are lucky enough that we were able to celebrate it with them during fashion week.

Beauty. Seduction. Trendsetter. Female Confidence. These are some of the words to describe Triumph's collection that was showcased during Philippine Fashion Week. The show started off with models in coats and a song that gives a vintage-ish mood. The models takes of their coats and surprises us with lingerie that may be inspired during the 50's & 60's era. The models showed confidence and elegance in Triumph's lingerie while strutting down the runway. The show consists of different kinds of lingerie, from sexy seductive bras & underwear to fitted tanks, babydolls and slips that made every model look beautiful in it.

Perfection, innovation and a fervent desire for supreme quality comfort and cutting-edge design is at the heart of the company's philosophy. It is this very commitment that brings the seductive power to Triumph lingerie and shapewear: every piece flatters the boy, lures the senses and expresses sublime fashion and body awareness. Stylish, high-performance & contemporary designs are things that they aim for.


Here are two pieces that I like the most during the first collection

The second collection showed modern and light-colored pieces with a touch of lace, ribbons and perfection.

The third collection was more brighter with mixed with black pieces accessorized with pearls, fur boas, cropped fur coats and fur shrugs.

Here are my top choices for this collection 

Next 4 pictures are my top favorite from the whole show!!! 

Ruffa Gutierrez ended the show looking young and sexy

I'm a lingerie person and I am so picky whenever I buy one. I always have to buy branded lingerie because of quality wise and of course its style. Triumph's show was direct and straight to the point that made the show a bit dull unlike Victoria's Secret fashion shows. I expect more a bit of creativity and enthusiasm from them. However, all in all the show was a success and I really enjoyed it.

To view whole collection - click HERE - sorry that there will be some blurry photos but don't worry not so blurry! I think the models were just walking too fast or I was kind of shaking because I was having a hard time trying to take pictures fast because of some lady (nope, not Terri the Marie Claire lady) who was taking photos with flash and was ruining my shot making it waaaaay brighter.