Monday, November 28, 2011

Guilty Pleasure: De Ruijter's Hagelslag

Many of you might be wondering what hagelslag is when you read my recent tweets and/or posts. Hagelslag means sprinkles in Dutch. Obviously, my boyfriend was the one who introduced me to this and he is very guilty for making me so addicted to it.

Why is it addicting? First, it's really good. Like super. Especially the chocolate melk (milk) ones, they're just so sweet and really yummy in the tummy!

I'm not really a fan of bread, but because of hagelslag I eat bread on a daily basis. Either wheat or honey oatmeal of course. If you are not too conscious about your weight, then might as well try it with regular bread.  Click continue reading >>>

This thing is very good for breakfast because it gives you a lot of energy and makes you really hyper. One bread can already make me full, but if I was starving I'd go for two!

Another reason why it's addicting is because of the butter that I use. It is all about the butter too, you know.
Queensland butter is the best thing ever. I swear, 100% good.

This beautiful thing costs Php115 in Rustan's supermarket. I never really liked eating bread and butter alone so I would always prefer to have hagelslag on it. 

I've already tried the Chocoladevlokken Melk en Puur and the one I have now is the Chocoladehagel Melk en Puur. The difference is that chocoladevlokken is bigger and thicker while chocoladehagel is small and really sprinkles like. My boyfriend sent me a package (which is still on its way) with hagelslags - Vruchtenhagel (fruity flavor) and Vlookfeest and also another Chocoladevlokken. 

By the way, my mom just came from our Subic home last night and found out that there was still one hagelslag box in our refrigerator. Do you know how happy I was when I heard the good news? Yup, you guessed it! 

By the way, I would just like to thank all the people who joined my very first blog giveaway. The contest is still on going so you can still join. I have also made up my mind to have a second winner and give a Php500 gift certificate for Dermclinic courtesy of my friend, Jeanne Martinez. And I also want to know if some of you shop in Guess? Because I have a loyalty card here and I would like to give it away. It will be your very own loyalty card! And don't worry, I haven't used this so it's very new. So please let me know by commenting! Thank you :) 

And, I have already planned something for my next blog giveaway and this one is very special and kind of close to my heart... and again, I will choosing only one winner. I will post more of it next month, but I would like to leave a pretty big clue...
(image source: brand's website)

Can you guess which brand this is? 

I love you dolls x

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