Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bloggers United Experience

I slept for only 3 hours last night. Not complaining because waking up very very early today was worth it! Can you imagine I woke up at 5:30am? Yes, I did. I am really like this towards shopping. Kinda sounds materialistic, huh?

As you all know, today is Blogger's United day! Read more about it here.

Rafael, Daniel and I were up really early to be prepared for some shopping extravaganza! And it was indeed successful. Especially for Rafael, who spent much more than I did! Hahaha!

We arrived the venue an hour early, yes very determined! And we were the first people who got in (the ones who aren't part of the event), and as soon as I got in my attention was caught by a certain pink curtain and a tarp of no other than, Camille Co.

First thing I saw was this beautiful skirt...

I bought it right away without having second thoughts!

Then went around with Daniel who really helped me look for the real good stuff! It was so much fun spending time with him outside school!

While going around we were again distracted by these beautiful shoes and then saw another beautiful lady who smiled at me. That beautiful lady is Kookie Buhain. She's such a nice beautiful lady. I swear! And I was so happy that I finally got to talk to her! :) And okay wow, she kind of knows me. Haha.

And guess what I got from her rack...

A metallic jumper for H&M! What a divine find!!! 

After a small chat with Kookie, Daniel spotted a nice studded bag while I spotted a girl looking at a certain orange bag then put it back on the bin... Do you know what I did? Ran up to it and got it! Then, boom! Pat Prieto spotted me and said: "GET IT!" Oh Pat! Hahaha thank you for encouraging me ;) 

Still didn't have second thoughts, I paid right away!

Daniel and I again (Rafael way too busy shopping) went around while he took pictures of people for his Fashion Trends class. Good student!

We ended up at the very back which was near the stage and noticed Joanna Ladrido's booth! Oh I love her stuff.

While Daniel and I looked around at her items I glanced at a certain dress which Joanna was holding to. AGAIN. I asked her for it and then just like that, bought it.

All the items I bought were some kind of "buy at first sight" no hesitations, just love. I also had a free manicure from "Nail It!" because of my purchase of the skirt. Thanks Camille for a generous offer to your customers! 

It was such a really great day. I got all the items I want and need. There's nothing I could ask for more for this day.... maybe some sleep.

I went home and was so excited to fit my new clothes and everything fits perfectly! Then, I felt good about myself and said: "Wow. I can actually fit into their clothes!" Hahaha! *Pat on the back*

To those who went to Blogger's United, I hope everyone had a great time as much as I did! I was also happy to see my fellow bloggers who I'm pretty close to. And kudos to the people who are behind this event. You guys did a very good job! Can't wait for the next one!!! 

Have a great weekend dolls x