Thursday, December 8, 2011


Yesterday after school I realized that I ran out of butter at home. Yes - butter is an essential in my life now thanks to De Ruijter's products.

I walked from my school to Greenbelt 1. Take note, my school is located at Jupiter St. I know some people can't handle that! Hahaha! So I bought the butter at Rustan's supermarket then decided to go around just for a bit and window shop.

I was actually scared that I might see something nice and buy it. My first stop was Mango, and while fitting the dresses that I took I overheard the salesladies and man outside talking about their relationships. The guy kept on asking them if all of the women working in that shop were either married or in a relationship. I guess he was trying to find someone to hit on because he seemed like a very flirty guy. Their conversations were more interesting than the clothes I was fitting into.

I only did that to have an excuse to use their fitting room to fix my top and skirt.

After that, I went to Topshop and spent my time there... Topshop makes me happy.

I went to the petite section because that's where I truly belong~ I am a short girl and proud to be one. YUCK. Hahahaha!

I got the deco beaded crop top and some boring shorts. I took the wrong bottom actually for this top. Don't know why but when I see shorts I automatically get them. Guess it is much easier to put it on.

For this one I got the Sequin Overlay top and MOTO Stars and Stripes Hotpants. A follower on twitter asked me if I have these kind of shorts from Topshop so I was motivated to fit this one. And damn it, I like this look. I like it so much. However they're not on sale yet, and I just used my card for new shoes so I didn't have the courage to purchase them yet. I can be a good girl too, you know. 

BUT! If I were given a chance to have more $$$ next week, I'm buying these two. Unless you want to help me out and get me these as Christmas presents? *beautiful eyes moment*

Joke. I kid dolls!!! xoxoxox 

Then I went home on foot. Yes. Greenbelt to my home. Fyeah. My home is near Kalayaan avenue and I think some of you will think it is far, but really it is not! 

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