Friday, December 9, 2011

Twist & Shout!

(Dress - Versace for H&M, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell)

I was in the mood to dress up today despite the ugly weather. I loathe rain. I really do. Rainy days seem so depressing. Everything seems so grey... and wet. So I thought of wearing something colorful, and bring happiness & life to my surroundings! 

You gotta love my peklats

The Biker Chick of the day goes to... Regina Raymundo! Love this outfit!

The Good, The Sultry & The Witty
Ann Li, Inah Campos and Regina Raymindo

With my beautiful batchmates

Our beautiful free-spirited friend, Ann! 

The Mudrakels, Mimi Garbo

Our little pet

My hater. Haha! I kid. I know he loves me ;)

The beautiful, Alyssa Lapid

The Japanese pornstar

The Bullet - Greenbelt with Bryan Jim again! And as usual, I had a great time with him! 

Tot ziens my dolls! Have a great weekend! I love you all so much. I truly appreciate your support and love. 
And please, take care of yourselves and be posititve!!! xoxo

Thank you Bengt Enrique for the wonderful photos. I love you!

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