Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Once in a while we daydream about the future. Questions such as "What do I really want?" and "What will happen?" automatically pop into our heads and we see sudden  flashes of images.

So what do I want?

Of course we all want a good life. Who doesn't? A good life doesn't require a perfect one. An imperfect life is the perfect one. We can't have it all and that what makes life more meaningful. 

Let me start with...

Graduating college, ah yes. Finally after years of hard work and fun, getting that awesome diploma is one of greatest achievements in life. Knowledge is that one treasure you will have and it can bring you to places you can never imagine to achieve.

Yes yes, I know not everyone who are very successful now ever graduated college nor even entered college. However, this is something that I want because this is how I can repay my parents who have worked so hard all these years to give us what we deserve. There are only a few things, that parents should give us: love, support and education. 

After graduation, I plan on moving out of the country. This might sound a little bit crazy to some of you but yes I plan on moving in with my le boyfriend! Haha! Why? Well, as much as I love my country I've always thought that this is not the place for me. I believe that there is something else for me that is out there. 

So good bye coconut trees and jeepneys, hello winter wonderland, tulips and windmills! 

Oh before I forget about something, I will also have to go to Brasil on 2014 for the FIFA World Cup with my friends and boyfriend! I know there is a rule not to bring boyfriends... but... HAHA! 

Anyway, once I move in at le boyfriend's casa I am so looking forward to having a hard time bringing all my things with me... Shoes, clothes, bags, sewing machine, books etc... Ugh.

I can just imagine the hard work, expenses of shipping my stuff to my new "home" and all that. Hassle din.

So once we're all settled and stuff, I plan to go job hunting and apply. I can't just stay at home and not do anything. That's boring. I also want to earn my own money.

( Hint: currently trying to make connections with people from the Netherlands. Nothing is too early ;] )

I already have some companies, magazine publications and designers in mind. 

Option Een: Work with the designers of a retail company

Option twee: Be the personal assistant of Elle Netherland's editor-in-chief. Or any other big fashion magazine publications that is available there. I'm not sure if there is Vogue Netherlands na.

Option drie: Be like Margareta van den Bosch and become the head designer of a retail company. I doubt that in an early age I can already be an independent designer. 

I still want to learn and go through heaps of experiences before I start on my own.

Aside from working, blogging, boyfriend all that: I must save up money for two things:

To travel with Jeroen & funds to enroll myself to a school so I can get my master's degree

Since I am going to be part of the competitive world of Fashion, I must step up my game. Imagine this scenario: 

Two hopefuls applying for a certain job.
Person A has a bachelor's degree + experiences + nice portfolio
Person B has a bachelor's degree + experience + nice portfolio + master's degree

Who do you think the employer will hire? Well duh... Person B. 

And don't say it depends on the employer (i.e.. "Your a great designer but your style is not what we're looking for" = "Oh don't worry, check out my other portfolios, I can prove to you that I am flexible with anything" -  a designer, stylist or whatever SHOULD be flexible with anything if you want to apply for a company. If you want to have your own style, then go on your own and establish your own line. 

Then after yearrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssss of hardwork and indulge ourselves with lots of cash we now have to  get ourselves a huge ass house or a posh penthouse.

Okay this is really nice... I've always wanted an elegant looking house.

Ahhhh yess. The dining area should be something like this. 

And the kitchen with another dining area! Hahaha! Why can't I have to dining areas, huh?

If ever I will have daughter(s), their rooms must include a nice small living room area for soirees or just even hang outing with their friends.

Jeroen and I must have separate bathrooms and also own one bathroom that we can both share. Haha! Weird, but I like it.

And of course Jeroen and I will also have our own sanctuary rooms.

I can imagine his own room to be something like this. Neat, organized and a bit traditional.

And the not so traditional me will add something like that! Voila! A tree branch for his clothes HAHA! 

And for my sanctuary room/office/design room or whatever would be like this -


And the best part - my dream walk-in closet + vanity room


Then it would be good too if we also purchase a summer house like this in the Philippines! Hahaha! Then of course, there will be caretakers to maintain the house and all. HAHAHAHA!!! 

I still have so much photos to show you all but then I think we should move on because you get the idea ;)

As for a wedding... I haven't really thought about that. HAHA! But I did thought about having kids after 30.

I'd love to have sons! Very handsome and tall sons. I want girls to drool over them LOL okay fine, that is SHALLOW. Of course I want my future sons to be obedient, loving and those gentlemen type. And I DREAM for them to be football players. 

However, whatever they will turn out to be will be fine. I will love them no matter what and of course, it's not wrong to daydream for them to be football players right? Haha!

I've always envisioned myself as a hot soccer mom... parang Victoria Beckham lang.

As for the daughters... Oh wow. One word: Victoria's Secret angels. I want them to look and be like them. Nyahahahaha!!! I'm serious, though.

So I guess that's it for now, there will be more daydreaming soon. And I will update you guys with that. Hope you enjoyed this post! Stay dry and healthy everyone!!!

Love and keep on daydreaming,

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