Friday, December 16, 2011


Sigh~ Stuck at home while some of my friends are at the SoFA's 70's Disco Themed Party. Around 30 minutes ago I was outside... like really outside next to the main road of our village, I waited for a cab for more than an hour. Seriously, it can be tiring you know. I was wearing platform shoes, I had this jacket on and my make-up was melting. I was already discouraged to go. But I do send my love to my friends who are there, have fun you guys! We can always have a party anytime :) And to my other loves in Subic who will have their awesome foam party for Brian and Jimmy's birthday... FCK I WISH I SHOULD HAVE GONE! PROBABLY THERE WOULD BE SO MUCH AVAILABLE BUSES TO RIDE TO GO THERE IN SUBIC THIS AFTERNOON! 

And my moms are at their Christmas parties! Great! I'm stuck here... alone and kind of hungry.

Anyway, today was the last day of school for this year. Thank God I had Pattern II class, and it is the most fun class I have for this term. The teacher and my classmates for this class are just filled with pure awesomeness. 

It was actually a chill day, we didn't really have to do a lot. We actually just did one pattern and I am confident enough to say I will have a good grade for this class. However, I still do need a guy to bring to school for my finals exam. So if you know any cute guy who is willing to be measured by me at SoFA, then let me know! Haha! 

(Dress - from Joanna Ladrido's booth during the Blogger's United event, Necklace - Penshoppe, Bracelets - Fashion Dime, Ribbon - Landmark, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, Socks - Forever 21)

I am not really sure if I was opting for a good girl image since my dress totally emphasized my bubelya. However, the floral pattern and the ribbon on my hair balanced the whole look and not too... malanjutay aura.

After school, Nariz and I decided went to Forever 21 so she can buy the stuff she needed for tonight's party. Our friend Eunice also came (actually I just tagged along, haha!), then we went to Kaya restaurant and had such a wonderful time. We talked about so many random things and ate good Korean food. I had a great time with them! 

~Awkward Turtle~

I actually almost had a heart attack. I don't know why but Nariz and I just went crazy. Like super crazy. We're such "scene-stealers" when we're out in public. We're just so loud and crazy and we kind of love to annoy the people around us. Lol, kidding. 

Best part of the day was when Nariz and I went to Greenbelt and throughout out the way I would talk in a loud French accent. When I felt like going mad, my tongue would suddenly change it command me to talk in a German accent. It was so weird that I could actually copy them, it was really cool though.

I honestly find myself as a funny person. 

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I can't wait to go to Subic tomorrow! Yay! x

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