Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Yesterday my classmate Inah was wearing this gorgeous red suede heels, and when I asked her where she got it she smiled and said: "Secret."

I went ballistic. Hahaha kidding, no I didn't. Jess, who was behind me, said: "That's from F&H!"

My jaw dropped. Wow. I didn't know they had nice shoes! Well I kinda did remember them having the Andre Chang for F&H shoes but that was it.

So I was really in shock.

During Apparel Production class, I noticed that one of our classmates was also wearing the same shoes. So Jess and I confirmed if it really was from F&H and how much it was... and confirmed atey! F&H! And guess how much? Around Php1,400+ lang!

Double wow. Never thought that those shoes would cost like that. I also heard that it was really comfy.

It kind of gave me a crazy idea to check out F&H after school.

During English class, Daniel and I were talking about the blazer he got from Penshoppe. It was really nice for a tailored blazer plus it costs around Php3,000 which is not bad. Come to think of it, in other international retail stores it would cost more than that. They tend to exaggerate their prices because you also pay for the brand name.

I brought up the F&H shoes to him and asked if I should get one myself... as a fellow shopaholic, he said: "YES! YOU SHOULD! YOU ALSO SHOULD GET A BLAZER FROM FOREVER 21 BECAUSE THEY ARE ON SALE!"

Hahaha... some of my classmates can be a bad influence.

So guess what, I did go to Folded & Hung right after school. I passed by Forever 21 and said: "NO! NO! I am not going inside there."

Luckily, I did manage to listen to myself. Also remembered my best friend's words about my shopping addiction and Jeroen's as well.

When I got to F&H, I saw the red shoes and asked the saleslady if they have it in a different color. Sadly, they only have it in red. I wouldn't want to buy it in red too because that would just be copying my classmates', and I really don't like that.

So I looked around and saw these amazing pair of shoes... I fell in love with them and thought I just had to get them. It will also be nice to wear them for our incoming Christmas party which is a Studio 54 Disco themed party.

And... yes, I bought them. They're also cheaper than the red suede shoes!

I love the prints, I love the height and I love that it's really comfy. This is actually the last pair of size 6 and thank God that I got them. I just need to add more holes on the straps because it is a bit loose, but other than that it's all good.

Now I solemnly swear that this will be my last purchase til' my trip this Christmas. No more na. As in, no more.

Have a great day, everyone! x