Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goodies from V

So I guess most of you are wondering about my shopping experience in Vietnam. Well let me tell you one thing, shopping Vietnam is FREAKING AMAZING. You really have to experience it. Though, I didn't spend much on material things for this trip since I spent most of my money on food. Which was okay, I thought :)

I also got a pair of bohemian trousers from Cambodia and some of their native bracelets as well. Very happy with my purchases because those are what i actually need. & oh my God, I am in love with the 1st dress! It's just the perfect fit and it is as if it was made for me! So happy that I spotted that! And also my new beige trousers - I've been looking for those! You know, the ones people wear when they ride horses? The really fit ones that makes you look long. 

I just had the best sleep of my life. I'm so tired!